Freelance Copywriter

Not every freelance copywriter is created equal.
I’m very pleased to say.

The big risk for you, when you’re trying to choose a freelance copywriter, is that we were absolutely not all created equal.

Absolutely anyone can offer their services as a freelance copywriter. There’s no formal training, and no recognised professional qualification.

A freelance copywriter with some actual credential.

My name’s Laurence Blume. I’m a freelance copywriter with more than 30 years’ experience of working with clients like you.

Owners or managers in SME businesses. Marketing pros in enterprise businesses. Or account executives in marketing services companies of one kind or other.

(I spent the first 18 years of my career as a writer and creative director in top London advertising agencies, and have spent the last 18 working directly  with literally hundreds of diverse client.)

I’m a freelance copywriter who knows how to write for all media.

Whichever medium, channel or platform you’re using, or what kind of marketing material you need to create, I have the experience and understanding to write focused and powerful copy that puts across your stories clearly and effectively.

Web content. Email marketing. Print copy. Video Scripts. Brochures. Sales Letters. All of the above. And then some.

I write copy that sells, explains, persuades, befriends, excited, motivates or inspires.

Each task is different. And every business is different.

The proof that not all freelance copywriters are equal.

Judge for yourself.

Have a look at some samples of the work I’ve done for hundreds of clients over the years.

Then check out these Testimonials from clients who’ve worked with me.

Once you’ve taken a look, fill in the form and tell me about your project.

I’d be pleased to share some thoughts on a first call.

And even more pleased to get to write for you if you decide you’d like that.

Out and about? More of a phone person than a form person? Call me right now. I’m probably just at my desk writing. You call. I answer. 07931 346398