English Translation and Localisation

Have your non-English marketing material reworked for native English-speaking audiences.

If you have marketing material that was written in a language other than English, and you want to use this for a UK or English speaking international market, it’s important to have good English translation and localisation carried out.

The best way to carry out translation and localisation.

If you supply the material in its original language, I first have it translated into English, so that I have a version which literally echoes the original.

I’ll sometimes do this using a machine translation, correcting the misinterpretations that this can create when I rewrite it as native English copy.

However, in most circumstances I start off with a proper, human translation carried out by a commercial translator who is a native speaker of the language in which the original was written.

Making sure the English is perfect and suitable for business.

Once I have a good translation of the sense of your document, I then work through it in its entirety, picking out those aspects of the messaging that are inappropriate for the English language audience you’re trying to reach.

I will then rework the entire piece, to deliver the same message sense as the original in a way that is culturally appropriate for the English speaking audience.

The words will be different. The tone may be different. But the message will be true to that of the original.

If you’d like to talk to me about a translation and adaptation project, please call me or email me using the form on this page.

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