As an English Language Copywriter, if your English isn't perfect I can check and correct marketing and business documents for you.

I’m an English Language copywriter and my name is Laurence Blume.

If your English is not good enough for you to be able to write marketing or other business documents to a standard that reflects your business professionally, I can help you.

Send me the draft you have written. I’ll review, edit and correct it into perfect, present day business English, just as though I’d originated it for one of my own clients.

Two ways I can convert your documents into perfect English.

There are two ways I can help ensure your documents read perfectly in English.

  • Tidy Up. I fix mistakes in your English, but  otherwise leave your document exactly as it is. This is perfect if you are sure your document says exactly what you want it to, but you are worried that the English does not read well;
  • Rewrite. I use your existing document as the source of the information only. I then write new text that communicates well, in correct English and in an appropriate tone of voice. This is the best solution if you want English language writing of the same quality that my UK-based business clients would expect to receive from me.

Working from a draft in a language other than English.

If you have a document written in a language other than English, I can provide the same copy editing/correction services, but will begin by having the original translated into workable English.

In certain circumstances, I may be able to use a machine translation (even a Google translation) to create this initial conversion, then rewrite from this to achieve a fully professional document in perfect business English.

In many situations, however, the subject matter relating to your industry sector will prove too much for machine translation to cope with. In this case, I start off with translation of your text by a professional translator. The translator and I will then work on the document in turn, so that the resulting copy communicates the exact sense and intent of your original document, just as though it had been originated in English.

Make sure your marketing uses perfect business English.

Having your website or other business communications talk in perfect business English gives you the professionalism, tone and stature of a globally trading organisation.

If you’d like to discuss your project with me, call me on 07931 346398 or get in touch using the form.

More of a phone person than a form person?

Call me now. I’m probably here at my desk writing.

Having searched for the best copywriters in the world, Laurence’s name was on several of these lists, and after working with him MORE

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Laurence is an outstanding copywriter. He not only wrote a great landing page, he helped me to really think about my target MORE

Mike Ncube CEO, Ncube Digital

Having spoken with several copywriters, we chose to work with Laurence for many reasons. His mountain of experience, deep understanding of our MORE

Mike Partridge CEO, MGP Solutions

Recently, we engaged with Laurence to completely overhaul the written content for our website. From the start of the project Laurence was MORE

Tracey Smith-Atkins FCCA FMAAT CEO, Shaw Lifetime Care

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