Running a one-person business and need a copywriter to help get your message across?

If you own a one-person business, or you’re an entrepreneur in the early stages of starting your business, you’d probably like to find someone who feels as though they really are a ‘copywriter for one-man businesses’.

An actual 'copywriter for one-person businesses'.

If  you look through my samples gallery, many of the jobs you’ll see are projects on which I worked with a one-man or one-woman business owner.

And because there was nobody to come between me and the business owners on these projects, they’ve been some of my most enjoyable jobs I’ve done.

(Don’t be fooled by the big-company logos I show on my site. I show these simply because those are the names people recognise quickly amongst the clients I’ve worked with in the past.)

Can I save you struggling to deal with web developers?

Yes! Far too many people go running straight off to a web developer and get them to start building without working out what the site should consist of in terms of its functionality or content.

It’s frequently the start of a disaster, and a complete waste of money.

With rare and honourable exceptions, web developers are simply not the people with whom to work out the sitemap or content plan that your site needs.

They are people who build sites once someone with a sound marketing and website understanding has worked that out with you.

Doing this is an everyday part of my ‘copywriter for one-man businesses’ role.

If you’d like my help, I’ll plan out the sitemap for your site, talk to developers you’ve found yourself, or find a good developer for you. I can give you easy to follow guidance on SEO, too.

If you really don’t have time to deal with any of this yourself, I can sometimes even be persuaded to manage the build of the site for you.

So, do I just write copy, or can I help with other things, too?

If you’re running your own business, it’s possible you will have lots of marketing experience and know exactly what you’re doing.

But it’s just as likely that you find copywriting, sitemaps, web development, content planning, SEO, marketing messages and everything else ‘marketing’ that you may need to think about, a bit confusing.

Don’t worry. I am primarily a copywriter, but I’ve been doing this for ever! I know this stuff backwards and, whatever you need, I’ll be happy to hold your hand.

(Even if you don’t even quite know how to explain what you need!)

Will I be out of your budget?

Don’t look at the big companies I’ve worked for and assume I’ll be expensive.

I quote every job on its own merits, and I know that a sole-trader hair stylist, plumber or locksmith does not have as much money to work with as Harrods Bank or Unilever.

Look at all the one-man businesses in my samples gallery. All of those projects were priced at a level that was OK for that business owner.

Although it’s never my preferred option, on occasion I’ve even agreed to break out relatively small invoices over a couple of months to help a one-person client with their cashflow.

So how would we work?

The most important thing about being a copywriter for one-man businesses is being totally flexible about how I work.

So think of me as being like copywriting or marketing ‘putty’.

Whatever shape the gap is between what you’ve done so far, or what arrangements you’ve made, and what you need, I’ll fit into it for you.

English not your first language?

That’s fine. Many of the bravest and most exciting entrepreneurs I’ve worked for were not native English speakers.

So long as you know what you need doing, or can explain the problem to me, I’ll take it from there, and you’ll get copy in perfect, native, current English.


Get in touch.

I love working with small business owners.

I don’t care whether you’re just out of art college and setting up a tiny fashion label, or are in your seventies and having a run at an e-tail project to generate a bit of income and keep yourself busy. (Both of which are real examples of recent one-person businesses I’ve worked for.)

If you think I might be able to help… get in touch!