You searched for 'copywriter Manchester' or something similar.
But you really just need a good, experienced copywriter.

If you’ve found your way to this page, you’ve done so because you were searching for a copywriter in Manchester.

So it’s fair to assume that your business is either based in the city or, if not in Manchester itself, then somewhere close by like Warrington or Stockport or Bolton.

Well… my name’s Laurence Blume and I’m a marketing copywriter who works with Manchester businesses as well as with businesses in many other parts of the UK and, in fact, around the world.

Call me now. I’m probably here at my desk writing.

Prefer phones to forms? Click below and let’s have a chat.

With many years of experience as a professional marketing copywriter, I can help you:

  • focus  messaging;
  • clear away the clutter and distractions that  cloud what you really need to say;
  • make sure that your web content, emails, sales letters and other marketing material have the clarity, honesty and emotional engagement they need to build confidence and trust and drive sales.

Copywriter Manchester. A real understanding of your business and your market.

You may feel that working with a copywriter in Manchester would help you get the work that you need. In truth it would be no guarantee whatsoever. The only thing that ensures good copy and a well run project is  working with someone with the experience and insight to understand your business and to know how to tackle the work required. That’s why I talk your project over with you at some length as well as insisting on you providing a full and clear brief. By having a proper feel for the business context of your project. I can use my skills as a copywriter as effectively as possible to help you.

Manchester copywriters. The ability to make a real difference.

As we said earlier, you found me by searching for ‘Copywriter Manchester’ or something similar. But I’d urge you to focus simply on choosing a copywriter who will do a great job for you. With an unmatched wealth of experience, I work almost exclusively with owners or directors of smaller and medium sized businesses, or with the individuals responsible for marketing in larger companies.

So... do you really need that copywriter in Manchester?

I work with and deliver projects with complete success for the majority of my clients without ever meeting them.

Not because I don’t like meeting people – far from it.

Because by talking on the phone or via Zoom, Teams, Google Meets etc, and exchanging information and draft documents online, we can keep the cost of doing your work down and take less time out of your schedule.

And by not having to spend lots of time out at meetings I get more time at my desk to write, which is where I can do the most good for my clients.

(This is actually the way most good copywriters work, anyway, in Manchester or anywhere else.)

Use the form to contact me. Or give me a call on 07931 346398.

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Tracey Smith-Atkins FCCA FMAAT CEO, Shaw Lifetime Care

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