Copywriter Birmingham

You’ve searched for a copywriter in Birmingham. But don’t you really just need a cracking copywriter?

Like any locally based business doing a search for a copywriter in Birmingham, you’ll be trying to find someone  experienced and capable to help you communicate some aspect of your business’s messaging.

My name’s Laurence Blume.

I’m a copywriter with huge marketing experience who works with Birmingham businesses (and, indeed, with businesses all over the world). I help:

  • get rid of the surrounding noise that can so easily get in the way of  what a business actually needs to say;
  • focus your messaging;
  • give your web content, emails, sales letters and other marketing items the kind of integrity, readability and openness required for them to win customers’ confidence and and initiate enquiries.

Copywriter Birmingham. A real understanding of your business and your market.

Now clearly, just because your business is based in Birmingham doesn’t mean that its fortunes will be dictated solely by events in the West Midlands, or even in the wider UK.

You could very easily be selling to EC partners, or in the Far East, and it’s for this reason that I believe that taking the time to ask questions and immerse myself in the real factors affecting your business day to day and longer term pays real dividends when writing for you.

Providing you are agreeable, I like to go carefully over what’s happening and been happening in the business, and what your plans are moving forwards. So you may have, for example, some Birmingham-specific issues having a bearing on your manpower or sales team performance; or you could be wrestling far more with global issues to do with sourcing, export or foreign exchange.

By getting a decent picture of the context in which you’re working, I can then concentrate when writing on taking every opportunity to angle and set your communications to your best advantage. It’s not always possible or desirable to reflect such issues, but it never does harm for me to knwo that little bit more about the business.

Birmingham copywriters. Actually making an impact.

Now as you’re on this particular page, I know that you searched for ‘Copywriter Birmingham’ or a phrase like that.

But the important thing is actually for you to see me as an extremely experienced marketing copywriter.

Most of the clients for whom I write are the owners or directors of SME businesses, or else Marketing specialists in larger companies.

In either case, my approach is to agree and then focus in on specific goals with you, so that you can track the value that’s been achieved as a result of bringing me in to work with you.

Get in touch. Call me on 07931 346398 or fill out the form.

I actually meet very few clients face to face. Usually, it’s simpler (and I think far more efficient) to carry out the work, and exchange documents in both directions, online and by phone.

And while it’s always enjoyable to meet people, working remotely makes it possible to reduce the cost of most projects by 25-50%. It also means that we can keep your diary, as well as mine, less clogged up with meetings.

In the end, the more time I’m able to spend at my desk thinking about and writing on your project, the better the job I’m be able to do for you.

(This is also the way that almost all professional copywriters, in Birmingham or any other place, tend to work.)

That notwithstanding, if you have a complex project, or are looking for someone with whom to work over a longer period, and you feel you simply must meet face to face at the beginning, then I will always be happy to come to see you.

Fill in the form and let’s have a chat. Or if you’d prefer to speak directly to begin with, just give me a call on 07931 346398.

Copywriter Laurence Blume in Birmingham city centre.

Out and about? More of a phone person than a form person? Call me right now. I’m probably just at my desk writing. You call. I answer. 07931 346398