Phew! A Business Copywriter you won't end up having to explain business basics to.

My name’s Laurence Blume. I’m a UK-based business copywriter who’s been “in business”, helping clients with their marketing and communications, for more than three decades. 

In that time,  I’ve worked with Marketing Directors and teams at some of the world’s best consumer and business-to-business marketing companies, producing creative ideas, copy and content for just about every situation imaginable.

But I’ve also worked with entrepreneurs, owners and managers of hundreds of SME businesses (as well as C-suite execs in global enterprise organisations!)

A business writer with a sound business understanding.

A business grounding like this is not common to every copywriter.

With diverse backgrounds in fields such as  journalism, publishing and proofreading, or experience only as in-house writers of web content, many copywriters have had very little real engagement with the demands of everyday business.

While they may write proficiently, you may well have trouble getting them to understand your business model, or your competitive market, or the demographics of your target markets. Or even what these things are.

So… do you have the time to explain the basics of business, of your sector and then of your business to someone who, even then, may struggle to understand them?

A business copywriter who can pick up from wherever you want to start.

I won’t need you to talk slowly. I won’t need you to dumb down. I will understand what you’re talking about. And if I don’t, then I have the experience to stop you and ask.

Have a look at some of the samples of my work that follow the form below. Then if you’d like to discuss your project with me, call me on 07931 346398 or get in touch using the form.

More of a phone person than a form person?

Call me now. I’m probably here at my desk writing

A man with short hair, wearing a light blue button-down shirt, is smiling while holding a smartphone to his ear. He appears to be engaged in a phone conversation, possibly discussing his latest project as a website copywriter. The background is plain white.
A smiling man with short, dark, wavy hair and a trimmed beard, wearing a dark suit jacket over a white shirt, is posed against a solid black background. His confident look suggests he could be an IT copywriter ready to tackle any challenge.

Having searched for the best copywriters in the world, Laurence’s name was on several of these lists, and after working with him MORE

Ryan Renteria CEO, Stretch Five Executive Coaching

A man with a bald head and black-rimmed glasses, wearing a dark suit jacket and a light-colored shirt, is pictured against a plain white background. He has a neutral expression on his face.

Laurence is an outstanding copywriter. He not only wrote a great landing page, he helped me to really think about my target MORE

Mike Ncube CEO, Ncube Digital

A financial copywriter with short hair and a slight smile is wearing a black sweater over a collared shirt with horizontal stripes. The background is plain and light-colored.

Having spoken with several copywriters, we chose to work with Laurence for many reasons. His mountain of experience, deep understanding of our MORE

Mike Partridge CEO, MGP Solutions

A woman with long brown hair and bangs is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a blue outfit and silver earrings. The background appears to be a dimly lit indoor setting with other people and tables visible.

Recently, we engaged with Laurence to completely overhaul the written content for our website. From the start of the project Laurence was MORE

Tracey Smith-Atkins FCCA FMAAT CEO, Shaw Lifetime Care

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