AI Copywriting. Artificial Intelligence... but in this case with a pile of actual intelligence thrown in.

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My name’s Laurence Blume. I’m an experienced marketing copywriter with thousands of successfully completed projects behind me. I was also a very early adopter amongst professional copywriters in the use of AI copywriting tools.

Used in the right way and in suitable situations, they’re a hugely powerful asset for marketers and copywriters alike.

What is AI copywriting?

So… AI copywriting is simply copywriting in which some or all of the work is done by tools built on top of artificial intelligence ‘large language models’.

These have been trained to construct text by combining lessons learned from a mass of existing texts with ‘prompts’ – instructions provided by a user.

On top of these core ‘large language models’, independent developers around the world have now built thousands of AI applications designed to harness the power of the underlying engine for specific purposes – often the requirements of a particular profession.

How AI copywriting got to where it is now.

Up until late 2022, AI copywriting tools were interesting without being mindblowing.

I’d found them useful for certain simple tasks.

Having learned how to ‘prompt’ the tools, the AI could very quickly assemble a decent outline and initial draft, which I could then craft into, say, an actual blog  post. It was similar to asking a researcher to sketch a first draft for me.

More of a phone person than a form person?

Call me now. I’m probably  here at my desk writing.

How Chat GPT changed everything.

Late in 2022, San Francisco company Open AI released a new AI model – ChatGPT – and the world went crazy.

This version, Chat GPT 3, had been designed for use in online chatbots, and was able to conduct text conversations in a convincing conversational way.

The dialogue format meant that ChatGPT could answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes and challenge incorrect premises.

From the point of view of writing copy, it’s relatively easy for an ordinary user to prompt it, and the quality of its output can be very good indeed.

Within a few months of Chat GPT’s API becoming available,  a ton of commercial products had been developed on top of it which harness its power for specific and tightly focused  marketing writing tasks. 

Now we can brief Chat GPT or tools based on it, or Google’s Bard,  or Microsoft’s Bing – built on the Open AI GPT4 technology – to work on blog posts, articles and other tasks requiring some desk research. While the draft it provides will almost always benefit from editing and enhancement, it can be very close to being usable.

The more experienced a user is at writing the prompts the AI requires, the better the output becomes, too.

On Open AI’s own admission, anything written using ChatGPT needs checking for truth. There is no way for the engine to determine whether the text it is compiling  is correct or true!

Still, in some situations, for many users, the output from ChatGPT or tools built on its GPT4 core would be ‘good enough’ with little or no editing.

Where AI really fits into the copywriting picture.

I’ve found over lots of years and very many projects that most people who come to me are looking for some kind of commercial problem solving using insightful, empathetic and persuasive writing.

In many cases, they’re also looking for advice, assistance with thinking through a marketing issue and, quite often, technical help with planning a web or other media solution.

None of these can be provided by an AI copywriting  tool.

What is definitely possible for me using ChatGPT and its peers is, in some situations, to be able to provide clients with a better service – faster, better researched and verified –  leaving me more time to do those parts of their job that really make the difference: thinking, planning and writing.

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Can I do your project using AI?

Possibly. But it shouldn’t matter to you whether I use AI or not.

If it’s a creative task, or a problem that deserves thought, craft and ingenuity, then that’s probably not how I’ll go about it.

But if there’s an advantage to be gained from making routine use of AI to deliver your project more cost effectively, or faster, then yes… quite possibly.

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