Financial Copywriter

Financial copywriting that makes financial products and services easy to understand for people who aren’t financial experts.

laurence_standHello. My name’s Laurence Blume. I’m a copywriter with lots of experience of writing for financial services clients.

I have a good understanding of most financial services areas. I’ve used this to complete jobs successfully for  leading investment banks, retail banks, IFAs, mortgage brokers, insurance companies, currency traders, accounting and consultancy firms and risk managers.

I come to every project with the aim of writing clear, easily understood marketing material, no matter how complex the subject matter might be.

Ease of understanding. The goal of all good financial copywriters.

I take great care to ensure I understand the technical financial aspects of your brief in detail.

This then enables  me to use my skill and experience as a copywriter to get across the features and benefits of your products or  models in a way that can be easily understood. This is always my objective, whether your audience is consumers, or executives who are not financial specialists.

As a financial copywriter, I want to make your material accessible.

The more technical you make financial copy, the more you define and restrict its readership.

While this is in some cases an entirely sensible strategy, I’d say it’s rarely desirable for financial services or product writing to be any more complex than the financial section of a decent Sunday newspaper.

Even in business to business financial comms, my goal is always to write in such a way that a busy exec who is not a CFO/FD can still understand exactly what’s being presented on a single, swift read through.

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If you’d like a reference to my financial services credentials to share with colleagues, please download my one-page Financial Services Credentials pdf.

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