Copywriters. We're absolutely not all the same.

Whatever you do, and however large or small your business is, I can help you.

In more than 20 years as a freelance copywriter, I've worked on projects in just about every industry, for clients ranging from solo entrepreneurs to the world's largest corporations. All of that experience is available to your business when you hire me.

I work quickly. I price competitively and I agree a fixed, 'start to finish' quote with you in advance so you know exactly how much the work will cost.

Check out some of my work.

There are a lot of samples of my work here on the site for you to look at. You can use these buttons to look at just the type of project or the industry sector you're interested in. If the project type or industry sector you want isn't shown here, just click the 'Samples' menu at the top of the page, and when the full gallery opens you'll be offered more filter choices.

Where I can really make a difference

As you'd expect, I put 100% into every project I take on. But I can make the biggest difference for you if we can build a long term working relationship. By getting to know your business and working with you over a period of time, I can help you plan and put out marketing and communications that will improve sales, lead generation, customer relations and other key business functions.

Local... wherever you are!

I'm not opposed to live meetings when necessary, but most jobs happen via email and phone. I have clients in Cardiff, Glasgow, Bristol, London, Manchester, Reading, Birmingham and many other parts of the UK, and everyone gets the same, professional service.